The Power of Walking

When we walk we are undertaking an action which forces us to slow down. Walking, in a sense, is the same as playing music. One does not play music for the purpose of reaching a destination or an ending, but we play music to enjoy each pulsation of sound creating a melody. In the same … Continue reading The Power of Walking


A Thought About Social Fear

What Is A Pilgrim?

The word "pilgrim" is defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary as: someone who travels to a holy place. In other words, a pilgrim is a person who is on a journey with their eyes fixed on something that is born of truth. Although a pilgrim is one who wanders, they do not wander aimlessly. A pilgrim wanders … Continue reading What Is A Pilgrim?

The way we treat each other is how we will treat the environment.

Since last September I have had the honor and privilege to know and work with Dr. John Francis (aka "Planetwalker"). Today while I was walking, something he said in his Ted Talk inspired deep reflection. Towards the end of the talk he said "The way we treat each other is how we will treat the environment. … Continue reading The way we treat each other is how we will treat the environment.

Freedom is Home

Freedom is our home. It is the place we were born, the place we are, the place we are going. We are explorers launching ourselves into the world to discover the many faces and aspects the fruit of freedom presents. All that has enslaved will dissolve as we shed our scars that are no longer … Continue reading Freedom is Home

The Art of Conversation

Intelligence is not the one in the room with the greatest answer, but the one who has the greatest questions. Questions express interest in learning, which is key to gaining a kind of answer that produces revelation and insight of true knowledge. Knowledge is a word with a very wide scope. There is the knowledge one might … Continue reading The Art of Conversation

Some Questions for Contemplating Life

What is the reason you are alive? What is it that motivates you to overcome difficulties of life? What do you really want? What do you hope to achieve? Where do you place your focus? What do you think about most often?   Here is a short video that may inspire some more reflective thoughts … Continue reading Some Questions for Contemplating Life

All the world’s a stage…

What is the stage you feel is yours? Where is your platform or arena that you are meant to shine brightest? There are times in life that we feel uncertain about our place. There are times we feel like nothing we do is working or progressing us towards the goals we have for our lives. … Continue reading All the world’s a stage…

How Do You Cure Boredom?

Boredom is a serious problem in the world. I once heard a philosopher remark: "Boredom, of course, is the problem as it is the opposite of creative energy necessary for life to be lived." Yet boredom can seem like such a harmless feeling. We don't feel any great terror from being bored, simply that we … Continue reading How Do You Cure Boredom?

The Priority of Love

MY HEART BEAT WITH IMPENDING excitement as I awoke to this brand new day inviting me to walk the road; the road I have yet to tire of after the eternity of 11 weeks I have spent sauntering along. The excitement I felt of today was not one for the adventures I would most surely … Continue reading The Priority of Love