The Monsters of Our Faults

It’s been 24 hours since I left Seattle for the grandest adventures of the unknown road, free of expectation and abandoned to limitless possibilities and already I have met an incalculable number of people who have impacted me deeply. Predominantly I see in the face of many a deep longing to be understood, listened to … Continue reading The Monsters of Our Faults


The Priority of Love

MY HEART BEAT WITH IMPENDING excitement as I awoke to this brand new day inviting me to walk the road; the road I have yet to tire of after the eternity of 11 weeks I have spent sauntering along. The excitement I felt of today was not one for the adventures I would most surely … Continue reading The Priority of Love

The Song of the Oregon Coast

THE SUN BEAMED LIGHT upon my eyes and through clouds as the sound of a street cleaner vehicle hummed the sound of a symphony gently ending their crescendo with soft somber beauty. I thought this must be what it is like when one leaves Earth and is sung into heaven by a choir of angels. … Continue reading The Song of the Oregon Coast

Thoughts About People in Cars

Walking beside the road with automobiles whizzing by just a couple of feet beside me has become strangely familiar, like a terrifying force that is also comforting with the trust that is necessary between the one walking and each and every driver I trust to notice that I am here. It may sound nerve-wracking, yet … Continue reading Thoughts About People in Cars