The Monsters of Our Faults

It’s been 24 hours since I left Seattle for the grandest adventures of the unknown road, free of expectation and abandoned to limitless possibilities and already I have met an incalculable number of people who have impacted me deeply. Predominantly I see in the face of many a deep longing to be understood, listened to … Continue reading The Monsters of Our Faults


Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, I will go to Astoria, Oregon to begin a walk of the 400-mile coastline stretching down to the border of northern California. The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness and funds for causes and humanitarian projects that work to set people free from poverty around the world. Here … Continue reading Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

What Is A Pilgrim?

The word "pilgrim" is defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary as: someone who travels to a holy place. In other words, a pilgrim is a person who is on a journey with their eyes fixed on something that is born of truth. Although a pilgrim is one who wanders, they do not wander aimlessly. A pilgrim wanders … Continue reading What Is A Pilgrim?

Do you find it difficult to be present?

Many of us desire to let go of our worries and anxieties. We would like to live fully in the present; to see with clarity what is directly and immediately happening all around us and finding peace therein. We would like to let go of the fear of the future and regrets or mistakes from the … Continue reading Do you find it difficult to be present?

All Children Deserve Love, Care and a Family

I live in Seattle, Washington. There are 1600 children in Washington State who are waiting for a family to find them and provide with the love, care and home they deserve. Across the United States there are an estimated 400,000 children in need of a family. Last Autumn, I was honored to attend the Wait … Continue reading All Children Deserve Love, Care and a Family

Being Human, Living Right = Human Rights

I love the term "human rights." But like any term, when used it can mean a wide range of ideas depending upon our experience with these two words joined together. For many, human rights may be a set of laws nations ought to follow to promote the dignity of their citizens. For others, "human rights" may … Continue reading Being Human, Living Right = Human Rights

The Priority of Love

MY HEART BEAT WITH IMPENDING excitement as I awoke to this brand new day inviting me to walk the road; the road I have yet to tire of after the eternity of 11 weeks I have spent sauntering along. The excitement I felt of today was not one for the adventures I would most surely … Continue reading The Priority of Love

The Song of the Oregon Coast

THE SUN BEAMED LIGHT upon my eyes and through clouds as the sound of a street cleaner vehicle hummed the sound of a symphony gently ending their crescendo with soft somber beauty. I thought this must be what it is like when one leaves Earth and is sung into heaven by a choir of angels. … Continue reading The Song of the Oregon Coast

Thoughts About People in Cars

Walking beside the road with automobiles whizzing by just a couple of feet beside me has become strangely familiar, like a terrifying force that is also comforting with the trust that is necessary between the one walking and each and every driver I trust to notice that I am here. It may sound nerve-wracking, yet … Continue reading Thoughts About People in Cars

Life Gets Better From Here

He was staggering the campgrounds scratching his scalp, aimless and with a most worried look on his face. His name was was David and within the first few minutes (sometimes seconds) he would explain to whomever he met that his wife was murdered and his son committed suicide one week after. Those events occurred two … Continue reading Life Gets Better From Here