How Keratoconus Has Helped Me See

I was diagnosed with keratoconus, an eye-disease that mis-shapens the cornea within the eye, in 2003 when I attempted to get my driver's license. Being home-schooled, I was never really in a "chalkboard" environment and didn't realize there was something off about the way my eyes worked. I went to the DMV and during the … Continue reading How Keratoconus Has Helped Me See


All the world’s a stage…

What is the stage you feel is yours? Where is your platform or arena that you are meant to shine brightest? There are times in life that we feel uncertain about our place. There are times we feel like nothing we do is working or progressing us towards the goals we have for our lives. … Continue reading All the world’s a stage…

Life Gets Better From Here

He was staggering the campgrounds scratching his scalp, aimless and with a most worried look on his face. His name was was David and within the first few minutes (sometimes seconds) he would explain to whomever he met that his wife was murdered and his son committed suicide one week after. Those events occurred two … Continue reading Life Gets Better From Here