A new adventure

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to explore and see as many places on Earth as possible, connect with as many people from all walks of life as possible, learn about why our world is the way it is, and discover ways we can all work together to serve others and … Continue reading A new adventure


Walking 19 miles for #WorldKindnessDay

Hey everyone, It's been awhile. How are you? After walking about a thousands miles this past summer of the Oregon and western USA coast, I moved down to Los Angeles where I've been working on some big ideas that I believe will have a powerful impact in the lives of others. I have more pilgrimages … Continue reading Walking 19 miles for #WorldKindnessDay

Let’s start a nonprofit together

BENNETT RAINES ANNOUNCES THE CREATION OF A NEW GLOBAL NEWS AND PHILANTHROPIC NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION: HUMANITARIAN EXPLORER Humanitarian Explorer aims to improve the quality of life for those in greatest need of life’s necessities OCTOBER 8, 2016, LOS ANGELES: Bennett Raines is pleased to announce his new organization, Humanitarian Explorer, has initiated Stage 1 of fundraising. … Continue reading Let’s start a nonprofit together

Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, I will go to Astoria, Oregon to begin a walk of the 400-mile coastline stretching down to the border of northern California. The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness and funds for causes and humanitarian projects that work to set people free from poverty around the world. Here … Continue reading Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

Water is Basic

Water is Basic is a nonprofit organization that works to restore water wells to transform the lives of people in South Sudan. I first connected with Steve Roese, director of Water is Basic, in January of 2016 to discuss organizing a walk for their work. I learned about the devastation happening in South Sudan and … Continue reading Water is Basic

Connect Your Cause

We live in a world that possesses some of the most extraordinary tools for connecting. Through the internet, I have been able to connect with thousands of people through blogging, emails, twitter, facebook and so on. Indeed, one of the most enjoyable things about life, to me, are those times of meeting new people, hearing new … Continue reading Connect Your Cause

How You Can Help Japan Recover from 2 Major Earthquakes

With just a few days, Japan has been shaken by two, powerful and deadly earthquakes. On Thursday a 6.2-magnitude quake occurred in the city of Ueki in the southern part of the country, killing nine people. Friday, a 6.0 quake hit near Uto. And then Saturday, the largest quake, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake, hit the Kyushu region … Continue reading How You Can Help Japan Recover from 2 Major Earthquakes

The Need for Clean Water in South Sudan

In South Sudan there are millions of women and children who spend up to 8 hours each day walking to collect water for their families. Not only do they walk most of their days for something so many of us simple walk into the kitchen and flip the handle of a faucet to obtain, the … Continue reading The Need for Clean Water in South Sudan