Walking 1400 miles to end poverty!

Hi friends! If you didn't know, a little over a week ago I started a 1400 mile pilgrimage down the west coast. It should take at least 3 months to reach San Diego. I have thus far walked about 140 miles to the central coast of Oregon. The purpose of this walk is to raise … Continue reading Walking 1400 miles to end poverty!


Let’s walk together to end poverty

I have spent most of my adult life looking for a solution that would end poverty in our world. After graduating high school in 2005 I became gripped by a desire to understand why we live in a world where some of us have far more than we could ever need, while nearly 1 billion … Continue reading Let’s walk together to end poverty

Liberty Adoption Advocates

Liberty Adoption Advocates is a nonprofit organization based in Redmond, Wa. that provides financial assistance to families who wish to adopt and give a child the love and care they need. There are many families across that United States who wish to adopt a child. Unfortunately, the legal system often comes with fees as much … Continue reading Liberty Adoption Advocates

Water is Basic

Water is Basic is a nonprofit organization that works to restore water wells to transform the lives of people in South Sudan. I first connected with Steve Roese, director of Water is Basic, in January of 2016 to discuss organizing a walk for their work. I learned about the devastation happening in South Sudan and … Continue reading Water is Basic

The Many Forms of Poverty

When we think of poverty the first thing that may come to mind is money. We use money-based statistics like the fact that over 3 billion people - almost half of the world population - live on less than $2.50 and the widening gap between rich and poor to express how prevalent and devastating monetary poverty. … Continue reading The Many Forms of Poverty

Photos Day 5 #WalkForWater Bellingham to Canada

On Day 5, the final day of walking for 100 miles from Seattle to Canada for clean water in South Sudan, I awoke from my campground and began a splendid walk. I hope you enjoy these photos 🙂