DAY 1 – 36: Walking the Oregon Coast

I began a global pilgrimage to end poverty back on June 5, but unfortunately I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping a daily log book of all the events and things that happen each day along a journey like this. That is something I shall attempt to remedy now! And so I … Continue reading DAY 1 – 36: Walking the Oregon Coast


Walking 1400 miles to end poverty!

Hi friends! If you didn't know, a little over a week ago I started a 1400 mile pilgrimage down the west coast. It should take at least 3 months to reach San Diego. I have thus far walked about 140 miles to the central coast of Oregon. The purpose of this walk is to raise … Continue reading Walking 1400 miles to end poverty!

The Monsters of Our Faults

It’s been 24 hours since I left Seattle for the grandest adventures of the unknown road, free of expectation and abandoned to limitless possibilities and already I have met an incalculable number of people who have impacted me deeply. Predominantly I see in the face of many a deep longing to be understood, listened to … Continue reading The Monsters of Our Faults

First night back on the Oregon coast

Arrived back in the Oregon coast last night and found some amazing new friends around the campfire. It's amazing how much trust and freedom is unearthed when we have no fear of what others may think. Greatly looking forward to what may happen tonight and tomorrow as I continue walking south beside the mighty Pacific.

Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, I will go to Astoria, Oregon to begin a walk of the 400-mile coastline stretching down to the border of northern California. The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness and funds for causes and humanitarian projects that work to set people free from poverty around the world. Here … Continue reading Here we go…400 mile #WalkForFreedom!

Let’s walk together to end poverty

I have spent most of my adult life looking for a solution that would end poverty in our world. After graduating high school in 2005 I became gripped by a desire to understand why we live in a world where some of us have far more than we could ever need, while nearly 1 billion … Continue reading Let’s walk together to end poverty

Liberty Adoption Advocates

Liberty Adoption Advocates is a nonprofit organization based in Redmond, Wa. that provides financial assistance to families who wish to adopt and give a child the love and care they need. There are many families across that United States who wish to adopt a child. Unfortunately, the legal system often comes with fees as much … Continue reading Liberty Adoption Advocates

Water is Basic

Water is Basic is a nonprofit organization that works to restore water wells to transform the lives of people in South Sudan. I first connected with Steve Roese, director of Water is Basic, in January of 2016 to discuss organizing a walk for their work. I learned about the devastation happening in South Sudan and … Continue reading Water is Basic