It’s now day 53 of being on the road, and I have been overwhelmed with the messages from people encouraging me to continue on through every difficulty and hardship that presents itself. Thank you! I don’t know where I would be without your support. YOU keep me going.

I am now in Brookings, Oregon, awaiting a replacement part for my tent that should arrive at the Post Office on Friday. It’s a strange feeling to kind of be “stopped” in waiting, but on Friday I will walk across the border into California, where I hear I’ll have some fires happening to navigate around.

Read the LA Times story

I’m excited for what this new phase of walking California will present as I continue taking steps into the unknown to connect with people, unearth callings and dreams through conversation and spread more love around this grand ol’ earth.

I ask for your help to empower me as I continue forward. If you would like to give financially, every dollar goes tremendously far. I value connection more than anything, please always feel free to connect, ask me anything you’d like or say “hello!”

Click here to support the walk through GoFundMe

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