When we walk we are undertaking an action which forces us to slow down. Walking, in a sense, is the same as playing music. One does not play music for the purpose of reaching a destination or an ending, but we play music to enjoy each pulsation of sound creating a melody.

In the same way, as we walk we take each step for the sheer enjoyment of movement. When we choose to go for a walk we do not do so for the purpose of arriving at a destination as quickly as possible, but for the sheer enjoyment that comes in the journey and the observance of the seemingly small details of life happening within our environment.

With the increasing normalcy of motorized-transportation, many of us spend most of our time in a hurry to arrive at a particular place at a particular time. We wake up in the morning and drive to work, oftentimes under the pressure of arriving on-time for fear we may get into trouble if we are late. We leave work in a hurry to arrive at our house or other plans we’ve made for our evening, and we rarely take the time to simply move without the pressure of getting somewhere else by a certain time.

Walking relieves the pressures of life. And that is a tremendous power which I hope to encourage us to experience more often.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
Thich Nhat Hanh


4 thoughts on “The Power of Walking

  1. Wonderful post on walking, it was always a source of pleasure for me as well as my major means of transportation. Just regret that since succumbing to ME, thirteen years ago, the necessary stamina is less frequently available. Thank you for allowing me to follow your footstep action!


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